~ SEPTEMBER 12, 2001 ~

To: Heads of Nuclear Medicine Departments

Subject: Nuclear Medicine Heads meeting for discussing the IAEA project " Integration of Nuclear Medicine into National Health Care Systems" (RAW/6/010)

Dear Doctors,

You are kindly requested to attend the National Nuclear Medicine meeting to discuss the IAEA (RAW/6/010) Project.

Project Information:

The duration of this project is 2 to 4 years.

The project will include:

a. Regional Group Training Activities.

b. National Training Courses and other events:

Corresponding national courses with one or two IAEA experts on the following subjects:

  1. Nuclear Cardiology.
  2. Diabetes.
  3. Infection & Inflammation.
  4. Cancer.

c. National Expert Missions (Total for the region in all fields = 12 months)

  1. Clinical applications.
  2. Radiopharmacy.
  3. Quality assurance.

d. Equipment supply:

  1. Scintimammography positioning pads: Total Nos. 20.
  2. Surgical gamma probes = 05.

Place of Meeting:




TEL: 02 - 6164606

FAX: 02 - 6216007

Date: 12th of September, 2001.

Time: Starting at: 11:00 AM.

I'm looking forward meeting you in Abu Dhabi.


Dr. Saleh Alyafei, DMSc.

Project Coordinator,

Head, Nuclear Medicine Department.

Aljazeira Hospital.



CC: Dr. Abdul Ghaffar Abdul Al-Ghafour The Asst. Undersecretary of Curative Medicine (M.O.H.)

Dr. Mahmoud Fikri The Asst. Undersecretary of Preventive Medicine (M.O.H.)

Mr. Ahmed Al Rumaithi Hospital Director, Aljazeira & Central Hospitals

Dr. Sufian Alami Medical Director, Aljazeira & Central Hospitals